HSHA nearly always needs foster homes for both dogs and cats.

Foster families are an integral part of HSHA because they provide temporary homes for animals that we may not be able to care for in the shelter environment. Fostering is a very rewarding experience. HSHA provides foster families with all of the education and supplies they need. In turn, foster families provide the love and attention that many foster animals need. Foster families provide temporary homes for animals for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Animal may be too young to adopt out
  • Animal may need special medical attention/time to heal

Foster families should be able to provide an area in their home that is isolated from other pets. Other pets should be up-to-date on all vaccines. HSHA will never ask a foster family to house an animal that may not be a "good match" for that family.

Important Information for Foster Homes

  • All foster familes must go through an orientation prior to taking home an animal.
  • Animals that go to foster homes include: nursing kittens (with or without a mother), nursing puppies (with or without a mother), animals with special medical or behavioral needs, pregnant animals
  • A foster home will never be asked to take an animal they are not comfortable handling or caring for
  • All supplies are included, including crates, litter pans, blankets, and food. We do ask that foster parent supply their own litter, since it is usually in short supply at the shelter. Some foster homes do decide to provide all of their own supplies.
  • Any medical care or medical supplies are provided by HSHA’s in-house veterinarian.
  • If your foster animal is pregnant, you keep her until she has her babies. The babies then come back at 4 weeks to get their first set of vaccinations. Finally, they return again at 8 weeks for their last set of vaccinations and to be placed on the adoption floor. 
  • Foster animals may be brought in for vaccines on a walk-in basis on Wednesdays from 2:00 -4:00 p.m., Saturdays from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., and Sundays from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. 

Animals Currently Seeking a Foster Home

If you are interested in serving as a foster family for HSHA, please download and complete the application - FosterCareApplication2020.pdf.

If you are able to provide this important service to the animals while they await adoption, please forward your completed application to Aspasia Yeager at or fax to 717-564-1867. For additional information or inquiries please call Aspasia at 717-564-3320 ext. 108.

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Pet of the Week

Cinni Suede

 My Petfinder Profile:

Who's a beautiful girl? It's me, Miss Cinne Suede! With my cinnamon-suede coat, I'm a sleek and soft fashion starlet who is about to own the runway. I'm a big girl (54 pounds) who is not even a year old yet. I was born in March, so you know by the time I'm full grown, I'm going to be a solid sister -- all muscle and bright eyes! I have an amazing fawn/lilac coat, and my eyes look green or blue or golden, depending on the light. My toes are dipped in white, and I have a white splash on my chest. I love tennis balls and treats, but I can get jumpy and mouthy very quickly, because I'm young and untrained. That means no kids under 12, please! And I need to be your only pet -- no cats or dogs or critters for me, because I do not respect their space and their needs. That's OK though, because once you meet me, I'll be the only pet you want. Right now I have sore feet that I'm being treated for, and the staff will fill you in on that medical need. And one last thing -- I need to go to a home that has experience with dogs.


My Petfinder Profile:

Witches, vampires, monsters, and other scary icons are a big part of Halloween--especially ghosts! How would you like to meet a cute, soft, furry ghost who hops? Well, let me introduce myself. I'm Ghost, a very cute bunny with long floppy ears and fluffy brown and white spotted fur. I'm a friendly ghost (like Casper) who likes to be petted and brushed. Not all ghosts are out for revenge or scares! I enjoy rearranging the furniture in my cage because it's hard for me to be confined, so a home where I can run and play outside of my cage would be ideal. I love to play with boxes, hiding inside or flipping them in the air. I'm a little nervous about being picked up, but if you go slowly and gently, I'll come around and let you transport me short distances. Sometimes I get perturbed when people move my stuff around, so it will be best to clean my cage without me in it! If you would like to meet a ghost who will leave you with a warm heart rather than cold chills, come in soon to meet me, Ghost the bunny! You won't be spooked by this furry critter with long floppy ears, although I might "go bump in the night" once in a while. If you adopt me you can tell everyone that you have a "haunted" house and invite them to meet your mini-Ghost!  ***I now live at Zoomania, the cool pet store in the Colonial Park Mall.


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