Silly Lilly

In April of 2016, a sweet white tiger cat was surrendered to the shelter. Named, Silly Lilly, her owner was unable to provide for her needs. Waiting, Silly Lilly learned to adapt to her new surroundings hoping to find a new home. Ten months later, her dream came true. A great couple came into the shelter looking for a companion for their current cat. Silly Lilly was the perfect addition to their home. Recently we received an update on this sweet girl from her owners.

My name is Hannah, and in February my boyfriend Michael and I adopted the sweet cat Silly Lily from your organization! We just wanted to reach out and let you know how well she has adjusted!

At first, Lily was extremely shy. For almost 2 months, she refused to leave the room we had provided for her with her food, litter box and toys. She would often cower in the same spot when we approach her. She mostly hid underneath our armchair. However, after we slowly introduced ourselves, she began to warm up and let us brush and pet her. We do have another cat that we slowly introduced to her as well, and while at first they did not get along (I think Lily was too intimidated so she hissed out of fear), now they definitely coexist wonderfully!

Lily is a completely different cat now. She loves to roam the house freely and sit up on the couch while we are watching TV and meows at us because she wants attention and to be pet! She is extremely well behaved and has no issues with the litter box or the scratching posts we've provided. It took a LONG time, but I think Lily finally opened up because she found a loving home!

Thank you all so much for everything you do and for giving this beautiful girl a chance. We love her so much!!

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