Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple was the sweetest of cats with a beautiful mix of grey and buff colored coat. She came to the shelter in September 2015 when her owner could no longer properly care for her and her five other brothers and sisters. She patiently waited for seven months until the exciting day when her new owner discovered her peering through her kennel bars. It was love at first sight! 

This weekend we received an update on Sugar Maple from her new home and owner. The McWilliams Family wrote, “Greetings from Sugar Maple aka MaggieLu. Yes, my name has changed. I wouldn't respond to my name and gave my new mommy a hard time at first. She accidentally called me Maggie and I looked so the name stuck. I am doing much better now and like my new home.”

She is still a little hesitant but slowly getting aklimated to her new home. MaggieLu is coming out of her shell a little more each day. Purchasing the suggested toys by the HSHA staff made a world of difference. “She's coming around, out of the bedroom and not hiding in corners. When she wants a safe place she's on the kitchen chair or under the table. “

Congratulations MaggieLu on your new home and family! 

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