Happy Tails from Our Adopters

  • Sydney & The Professor

    The Professor and Sydney are very happy in their forever home. The Professor enjoys his creature comforts, carrying his mouse around in his mouth and playing with his brothers and sisters while Sydney enjoys resting in her cat bed, bird watching and spending time with her parents.  Adopted by Michaella in December 2011.

  • Sophia & Muriel

    Over 3 ½ years ago, my Husband and I went to The Harrisburg Area Humane Society, as we were ready to expand our home by “8 Kitty Paws”. We visited the shelter 2 times before Baby Gurl, now known as Sophia (the tuxedo) and London, now known as Muriel (the calico), made it apparent they wanted to meet us by rubbing on their respective cage doors, meowing and playfully swatting at us as we walked past the rows upon rows of cats just waiting for that “right” person to …

  • Scrappy

    Scrappy with his big brother Buddy

    I came into the shelter as I usually do once a month and drop off donations and check out the dogs for adoption.  I was interested in a small dog that had the same energetic personality as me.  In August 2012, I happen to run into Carla at the shelter, one of the volunteers who was fostering a four month old Jackahuahua that was dropped off at the kennel because he had a broken leg and they couldn’t afford the surgery.  Carla nursed him …

  • Simon

    I'm so happy to be able to share our adoption story. My fiance and I decided to look into pet adoption shortly after moving to the Central PA area in 2012.  Only a few moments after beginning the walk through the cat area of the Humane Society, we spotted him: a wide-eyed gray and black tiger striped fellow named Roosevelt.  When we peeked into the cage, he began pawing at the glass and rubbing against it.  It was love at first sight!  We brought him home in October 2012 …

  • Katie

    Katie and I are now an official KPETS team with badge to prove it.

    Its neat Katie was adopted from the Humane Society as part of the Senior Program & now visits in a nursing home as a therapy dog.

    Wednesday we will shadow at Philhaven to become a KPETS therapy team on the female adolescent unit.

    Katie is doing very well and everyone loves her. She is also great with our grandchildren.

    Thanks for encouraging us to adopt Katie. We hope all your dogs find forever homes where they are …

  • Chirpy & Cherub

    Chirpy & Cherub (now Lily & Sophie) are growing more confident and comfortable every day.  They're happy, healthy & spoiled girls who know they're in their forever home.  Attached is a photo (1 of many we've taken since they've come home) of them chewing flip chips on the couch - yes, on the couch!  They're allowed on the couch, even though they're shedding like crazy, because this is their home and we love them very much!  

  • Benson & Harmony

    I was told  that it might take a little while for them to be comfortable around me & I must say it has been an interesting journey. 

    Week 1 was spent with them staying under the comforter on the bed in their safe room that I setup for them. I would go in every couple of hours and sit for awhile and read aloud so they got used to my voice and presence around them. I ended up nicknaming them Bump and Lump (because during that first week that's  all I saw).  Week 2 We …

  • Coriander (Muffin)

    The Assimilation of Muffin


    As a cat socializer, many times I thought of adopting many of the cats residing at HAHS, but never did, until I met Coriander in the Diamond room (she is now known as Muffin).  Besides being a cute little ball of fur, this little girl was blind.  I have a 6 year old male cat, Simba, at home so I knew there would be some work involved introducing her into our home.& …

  • Hodge

    I adopted Bentley (formerly Hodge) a little over a month ago. He has made himself quite at home, and is the best companion I could have ever asked for. He enjoys playing with his toys with or without me, loves walks, and get compliments wherever he goes!

    Send your Happy Tails story and pictures to loriz@humanesocietyhbg.org!


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