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Foster Home Needed: Prime Minister

Prime Minister was found in downtown Harrisburg City, emaciated and suffering from severe ear and skin infections. He was missing fur all over his body due to his poor medical condition, and what fur he still had was dirty and matted. Now, after two months at the Humane Society, he is growing his fur back and has a little round belly! His skin and ears are vastly improved. His joyful and silly personality continues to come out a little more each day. 

Prime was initially quite scared in the kennel and was difficult to handle. He would try to fear bite and run away (a common small dog reaction to the loud kennels). He now warms up fairly quickly to new people. He is very social and enjoys being around his human friends- he is a true lap dog! He is also very silly and often gets the zoomies. He loves playing with little stuffy toys and will collect them all in his bed at the end of the day. 

Prime has been living in our admin offices while he recovers but is now ready to move on in his journey to a forever home. He is available for temporary foster or for foster-to-adopt. Prime is on three oral medications (through the end of November) to help clear up his remaining skin/ear issues. He will be due for periodic vet rechecks during his time in foster care (facilitated at the Humane Society). 

To schedule a time to meet Prime, or if you have any questions about his care or foster needs, please contact Aspasia Yeager at