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Summer Camp

Please check out this page in early 2023 for information on 2023 summer camp and registration!

The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area (HSHA) will be offering Summer Camps for kids in the summer of 2022!

Summer Camps will be held in our new Humane Education Center, located at HSHA.  The Humane Education Center features a large educational space, a kitchenette, new technology, and is the home for HSHA’s critters (rabbits, Guinea pigs, and more).  It is the perfect spot for any child that loves animals and is looking for a summer camp.

Each camp is held Monday thru Friday, from 9am to 3pm.  The cost is $250 per week per camper.  

Why Choose Summer Camp at HSHA?

At HSHA Summer Camp, children experience fun and age-appropriate activities that teach about a range of humane education ideas and concepts.   Each camp helps cultivate a lifelong bond between your child and animals, and they will benefit from developing character traits like compassion and empathy.  Summer Camp at HSHA is a unique experience that will create lasting memories for your child! 

Summer Camp Registration is Now Closed

Our Camps

All About Animals

(for students entering 1st or 2nd grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, June 13th thru Friday, June 17th
OR Monday, August 1st thru Friday, August 5th

Extra! Extra!  Learn All About…Animals!  Campers get to explore the amazing and wonderful world of animals. Through guest speakers, hands-on exploration and projects, campers will gain a better understanding of animals in the world and how to help them.

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Sample Camp Activities/Topics: 

  • Animal Safety including your pets and wildlife
  • What reptiles and amphibians are dangerous and safe in our area
  • Bake cat and dog treats
  • Learn basic first aid for pets
  • Pet Encounters: meet and interact with shelter pets and reptiles from a local rescue

Pet Partners: Dogs!

(for students entering 3rd or 4th grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, June 20th thru Friday, June 24th

It’s all about the Dogs! Campers will learn everything Dog. Through games, projects and hands-on learning experiences, campers will learn about what makes a dog a dog, dog behavior & training and what it takes to care for the dogs in our lives. 

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Sample Camp Activities/Topics: 

  • Keeping Dogs Healthy.  What are zoonotic diseases? 
  • Dog first aid
  • Meet “working dogs” including K-9s and therapy dogs
  • Make dog treats for shelter dogs
  • Pet encounters: meet and interact with dogs

Animal Careers

(for students entering 5th or 6th grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, June 27th thru Friday, July 1st

What does your student want to be when they grow up? Campers explore various careers that involve animals. Guest speakers who work with animals will also be onsite to give presentations about how wonderful and rewarding a career helping animals can be!

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Sample Camp Activities/Topics: 

  • “Behind-the-Scenes” with our medical team and kennel team to learn about careers at an animal shelter
  • Interact with animal trainers, behaviorists and other animal career professionals
  • Build your own bird feeder like a wildlife expert would
  • Pet encounters: meet and interact with shelter and therapy pets

Animal Artists

(for students entering 1st or 2nd grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, July 11th thru Friday, July 15th

Love to create? Love animals? This camp is the perfect combination for you! Using different media campers will create art about animals, for animals, and with animals.


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Sample Camp Activities/Topics Include: 

  • Design an adoption poster for your favorite pet at the shelter
  • Bubble straw art, glue “glass” art, create pet toys, and more 
  • Art show with all campers’ crafts on display at the end of the week for parents and guardians to attend!
  • Pet encounters: meet and interact with shelter pets
Rescue Me

(for students entering 3rd or 4th grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, July 18th  thru Friday, July 22nd 

(for students entering 5th or 6th grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, August 15th thru Friday, August 19th

Campers will feel like superheroes when they learn that they too can help save animals in their community!  Through hands-on activities and guest speakers, campers will gain valuable knowledge of the needs of animals in our area.  Campers will also get to design their own rescue using the skills learned in camp!

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Sample Camp Activities/Topics Include:

  • Animal Shelter vs. Animal Rescue. What’s the difference?
  • Build Your Own Rescue. Create your own logo, mission, posters, commercial and more  
  • End the week with presenting your rescue to fellow campers, shelter staff, and parents & guardians
  • Pet Encounters: meet and interact with shelter pets

Vet Camp

(for students entering 5th or 6th grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, July 25th thru Friday, July 29th

Is your camper interested in veterinary science?  This camp is for every student wanting to learn more about veterinary medicine.  In addition to learning about what veterinarians do, campers will participate in hands-on projects to learn about how to keep animals healthy and safe. 

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Sample Camp Activities/Topics Include:

  • Learn about cat and dog bone structure by building “skeletons”
  • Learn basic first aid and create a first aid kit
  • Pet surgery – learn how veterinarians suture of an animal after surgery by practicing on fruit
  • Pet encounters: meet and interact with shelter pets

Pet Partners: Cats!

(for students entering 3rd and 4th grade in Fall 2022)
Monday, August 8th thru Friday, August 12th

Join the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area for a Summer Camp that will be simply “purrrrrrfect!”  Campers will learn about cat behavior, genetics, and how to understand cat body language. At the end of this week, campers will be cat experts!

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Sample Camp Activities/Topics Include:

  • Cat Health. Help Veterinary Resource Center Vet Tech with a cat exam
  • Cat Behavior. Why do cats purr? Learn from a cat behaviorist.
  • Craft projects including making a bed for a shelter cat, and DIY cat toys
  • Pet Encounters: meet and interact with shelter cats

*camp activities are subject to change

Download Summer Camp Schedule

Camp FAQs

Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please contact us at 717.564.3320 x 120 or email us at

What should my child bring to camp?
  • A smile and an open mind. 
  • A large, labeled bottle of water that can be refilled at camp.
  • A hearty, nutritious lunch plus morning and afternoon snacks, labeled.
  • Layers of clothing for indoor and outdoor activities, or foggy/cool weather.
  • Closed-toe shoes for walking and working with animals (sneakers or boots are great).
  • Sunscreen and/or a hat.
  • Cell phones are allowed for picture taking only. No calling or texting during camp unless there is an emergency.
Will my child get a camp t-shirt?

On the first day of camp, your child will get to design their own camp t-shirt!  

What will my child learn at camp?

The camp curriculum at HSHA emphasizes the Humane Education tenants of collaborate, educate, empower and inspire using critical thinking, and the exchange of ideas with fellow campers. Campers are encouraged to find solutions to many of the challenges animals face in our society today. All camp sessions include age-appropriate animal care and behavior learning activities, team projects, games, physical activities, crafts, and hands-on interactions with animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, birds, reptiles, and rabbits. The Humane activities are designed to encourage respect for all living things. Age-appropriate material and modified lesson plans have been created to tailor the curriculum for each age level. 

If there is a topic on the camp schedule that you would like more information about please feel free to discuss it with the Camp Director, Kathy Mina at or 717.564.3320 x120. 

What kind of animals will my child interact with?

Your child will get to interact with varied types of animals at HSHA.  Possible interactions include dogs, cats, rabbits & guinea pigs.  Camps will also have visiting animals which may include birds snakes and reptiles. 

HSHA strives to provide an enriching learning experience and ensure the safety and comfort of our animals and residents in our care. As such, we must limit the direct time spent with animal interactions to approximately 30 minutes per day. We have a limited number of animals with which our campers may interact, and the animal needs time to relax and recuperate from the excitement of our hands-on sessions. Camper interactions with animals may include feeding, grooming, walking, and cuddling.

A note about animal safety: Campers will interact only with animals that have been approved for safety and disposition by HSHA behavioral professionals. Please encourage your child not to touch any animal without specific permission of a camp staff person.


What time will my child be at camp?

Camp hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am-3:00pm.

Will before and aftercare be available?

Yes, before and aftercare is available between 8:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm. Cost is $30.00 per day per child. All before and aftercare fees must be registered and paid before the camp registration deadline of May 1st.  During after care, campers will have supervision but not structured activities.

Where is camp located?

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area is located at 7790 Grayson Rd. Harrisburg PA 17111.

This is where both drop-off and pick-up of campers will take place.

Parents/ guardians are required to sign campers into camp.

Please plan to arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 am.

On the first day of camp, we will also review who is authorized to pick up your child up from camp.

Can I speak with the Camp Director about my camper’s needs?

We aim to provide each child with an enjoyable camp experience and look forward to meeting you.  You can set up a time to do a in-person our telephone call with our Camp Director to discuss how we can best support your child.  This information will be asked for when you sign up for camp.

Where do I pick up my child?

Parents, guardians, and/ or approved custodians must pick each camper up by 3:00 pm. If you anticipate needing to pick your camper(s) up early on any given day please communicate that to staff ahead of time. Unless you have paid for aftercare, your child must be picked up no later than 3:15. If you are later than 3:15 there is a $20.00 emergency aftercare charge paid prior to pick up for every 15 minutes that you are late.

Who can pick my child up?

 HSHA will need preauthorization for anyone other than the parent or guardian picking up your child. Anyone who has not been authorized to pick up a camper will not be allowed to sign that camper out until we have cleared that person with the campers’ parents/guardian/ approved custodian. If an unavoidable delay arises and you arrive late, call or text our cell phone to alert us. The cell phone number will be provided to you in your registration packet. 

What is your discipline policy?

To help maintain the safety and wellness of campers, staff, volunteers, animals, and the general public, the following discipline policy has been established. Disciplinary action may be taken if a camper displays undesirable behavior that interferes with or disrupts the camp program. Examples of this behavior include inappropriate language, making fun of or insulting others, bullying, using profanity, harming or frightening the animals, physically harming others or animals, not following directions, or unwelcome actions that make other campers feel uncomfortable. Every effort is made to accommodate campers with special needs, including campers with behavioral challenges. Parents/ guardians of children who need special attention or have behavioral challenges must notify us of the issue in the additional notes section of the online registration form. Campers with severe behavioral disorders that may continuously interfere with or disrupt the camp program must have an adult aide present. Every consideration will be given to keep your child in camp, however, should their behaviors escalate, the parent or guardian will be called to pick your child up immediately.  

What is your COVID policy?

Masks will be required of all campers and staff while inside the building.  Campers exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or any illness causing symptoms such as red or runny eyes, 100 degree or more fever, vomiting, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell or diarrhea may not attend.  If a camper becomes ill you will be called and asked to pick up your camper immediately.  

We follow extensive cleaning regiments, including frequent cleaning of high touch areas throughout the shelter, including the Humane Education Center and restrooms. 

Do you administer medications?

We are unable to administer medication to campers. 

Summer Camp Registration

Registration is now closed.  Thank you!