Report Cruelty

Report Cruelty

The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area (HSHA) employs a trained Humane Law Enforcement Police Officer to thoroughly investigate and, if possible, prosecute, offenders to the fullest extent of the law regarding any crime committed against animals. Our Humane Law Enforcement Department investigates complaints  in Dauphin, Perry and Cumberland Counties.

To report a case of animal cruelty, contact the Humane Law Enforcement Department at (717) 564-3320 x104. Complainants will need to provide: Your name, exact address of location of complaint, nature of complaint, name of owners if possible, duration of violation. All complainant information is kept strictly confidential.

Please note, your call is important to us. However, we may be unable to respond within a matter of hours. If you have an urgent complaint and are unable to reach the cruelty department, please contact your local police.



The Humane Law Enforcement Department at HSHA plays a critical role in addressing cruelty, abuse, neglect, and abandonment to the animals within our communities. Our organization is charged with investigating and enforcing the animal cruelty laws of Pennsylvania State. The law enforcement department receives no government or agency funding.   


Our humane law enforcement officer is a certified state police officer with the authority to make arrests—not a “dogcatcher” or animal control officer. In addition to responding to concerns about animal cruelty reported through our Animal Cruelty Hotline (717-564-3320 ext. 104), the Humane Law Enforcement Officer investigates cases referred by other animal welfare or law enforcement agencies.

Our officer usually spend several hours each day out in the field, responding to calls. They respond to reports of animal cruelty and provide education for responsible pet and farm animal care, within the limits of the law. Please note that they are not animal control, which is a function of each municipality, and do not pick up roaming pets or dead animals from the side of the road, or remove wildlife from people’s homes.




Too Hot for Spot

Hot summer temperatures can be dangerous for your pets, especially if left in a parked car. On a warm day, the temperature inside your car can reach 120° F in just a few minutes—even with the windows partially open. Read about Pennsylvania’s “Hot Car” Bill here.

Cruelty to Animals

Pennsylvania has extensive laws to protect animals from cases of neglect, cruelty, tethering, transportation, mutilation, and fighting. To educate yourself on what qualifies as animal cruelty under Pennsylvania’s state laws, click here.

Dog Law

HSHA must abide by all laws under Dog Law, which is enforced by the Department of Agriculture, but there are requirements for all Pennsylvania dog owners too. Did you know that as a dog owners you must purchase a dog license under Pennsylvania’s state law? Make sure you are in compliance by reviewing this information, here.

Support Victoria’s Law

Victoria’s Law proposes a change in the pet market in Pennsylvania. If passed, it will drive the pet store industry towards more humane sources by prohibiting the sale of commercially-raised dogs, cats, and rabbits. You can help get this law passed. Click here to find out how.

Please note that, although we have provided links to the websites of other animal welfare organizations, HSHA is an independent nonprofit that does not receive funds from any national organizations.