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Vaccine Clinics

PLEASE NOTE that there have been significant changes to the way in which these clinics are organized.

Clinics still REQUIRE PRE-REGISTRATION but will now be located inside the building.  This means you will sign up online for an available timeslot and you will bring your pet inside the building for vaccines. We will no longer provide curbside services. Please read below for more information. 

The Humane Society offers affordable clinics to the public on a year-round basis. These clinics REQUIRE PRE-REGISTRATION.

To pre-register, please click on the link below for the clinic you wish to attend and follow the prompts.   Please note the date and time that registration opens for each Vaccine Clinic.  You will not be able to register until this time.

**Also note that these Vaccine Clinics fill up quickly, often within minutes! If you are on event page and it says unavailable, this means the event is already full.**

2023 Dates



Additional information:

  • You will be prompted to register for a 1 hour time slot. You must be at the Humane Society of Harrisburg at any time WITHIN this designated time frame. We will NOT be able to accommodate you if you arrive BEFORE or AFTER the time frame you signed up for.
  • There is a maximum of 2 pets per registration. If you have more than 2 pets please register for additional spots as needed.
  • Upon arrival at the shelter you will need to bring your pet to the Intake Center to receive paperwork and get in line to be seen.  Wait times may be longer now that we are operating as a walk-through and not curbside. Acceptable payment includes Cash, Visa, or Mastercard (checks are not accepted).

Pricing Information

Dog Vaccines

Rabies (1 year) – $25

Distemper (DHPP) (1 year) – $20

Distemper with Lepto (DHLPP) (1 year) – $20

Bordetella (kennel cough) (1 year) – $20

Lyme (1 year) – $25 (This vaccine will only be available while supplies last.)


Cat Vaccines

Rabies (1 year) – $25

FVRCP (1 year) – $20

Core Vaccine Recommendations

Dogs should always stay up to date on these vaccinations: Rabies and DHPP (‘distemper’)

Cats should always stay up to date on these vaccinations: Rabies and FVRCP

The remaining vaccines are considered ‘ELECTIVE’ based on the animal’s lifestyle and possible disease exposure (ex: If your dog attends doggy daycare or gets groomed frequently, we recommend Bordetella and Canine Influenza vaccines). It is important to understand that the first time the DHPP, DHLPP, Flu, Lyme and FVRCP and Lepto vaccines are administered, they must be boosted 2-4 weeks after the initial vaccine. After the booster, the vaccine can be administered yearly in ADULT animals. Puppies and kittens must be boosted with DHPP and FVRCP every 2-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. (Note: the veterinarian may recommend the final booster be given at 18-20 depending on the animal/breed).

The paperwork you receive at any of HSHA’s clinics, is your official medical record and proof of vaccination. If you lose this paperwork or require copies of the records, you must request them by contacting HSHA’s Clinic Coordinator at There is a 72 hour processing period and a $15 fee will apply for each duplicate or copy.

Please Note:  Our online adoption applications are currently closed in preparation for the MEGA Adoption Event Saturday, December 9th and Sunday December 10th.  Online adoption applications will be accepted again starting Monday, December 11th.  Learn more about the MEGA Adoption Event: