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Shelter Skip Day

Play Hooky With Us!

Our dogs would love to spend time out of their kennels with you! Volunteer to take an adoptable dog out for a fun outing such as a hike, a coffee date, or a meal at a pet-friendly location.  Field trips can last from an hour to all day. Whatever works for you, works for us!

Check out our interactive Google Map with location ideas:

Shelter Skip Days Benefit Dogs and People

Not only are our shelter dogs benefitting from time away from the shelter and exposure to potential adopters who may not notice them in their kennels, field trips give our people participants a rewarding day of doggie cuddles, as well.

Not sure where to take your Shelter Skip Day companion? Here are some ideas:

For the athlete:

  • Hiking or walking trails
  • Parks (please avoid co-mingling dog parks)
  • Dog-friendly beach, lake, or stream

For the bookworm:

  • Go for ice cream or visit a dog-friendly coffee shop and hang out
  • Go for a drive
  • Rest outside on a blanket in the sunshine

Ready to Get Started? Things to Know:

  • Pick-up times for Shelter Skip Days are Tuesdays through Fridays 11am – 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays  11am – 2pm. 
  • A list of dogs available for Shelter Skip Days will be available when you arrive to choose your field trip companion.
  • We will match you with a dog appropriate for your leash-handling comfortability
  • Dogs must be returned to the shelter an hour before closing the same day (HSHA closes at 6pm Tuesday-Friday and 5pm on Saturday & Sunday)
  • Dogs must wear Adopt Me vests and harnesses while on a field trip.
  • Participants are encouraged to document the outing with photos and video clips, and to fill out a Skip Day report card from the experience.



Studies have shown that dogs who went on field trips had shorter lengths of stays following their field trip, and were 5x more likely to be adopted than the dogs who did not go on field trips.

Make a difference and join our Shelter Skip Day team today!