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Home to Home Online Pet Placement


What is Home to Home? 

Home To Home is a free, direct-to-adopter tool for pet owners that need to rehome an animal. In just a few simple steps, pets can find a loving new home without ever entering a shelter. This program allows pet owners to find the best fit for their pet, and the adopter can learn all about the pet’s personality and preferences directly from the owner.

Home To Home was created in an effort to reduce the number of pets being surrendered to animal shelters.  This program is being utilized by shelters and rescues all across the United States. 


Why should I use Home To Home?

There are multiple benefits to using Home To Home:

  • Less stress for your pet.  No matter the quality of our care, enrichment, or facility – our shelter is unfamiliar to your pet.  Allowing pets to go directly into a new home helps reduce stress by never entering the shelter in the first place.
  • Benefit to the adopters.  You know your pet better than anyone.  You can tell potential adopters about your pet’s personality, preferences, and other traits.  Adopters also get to see the pet in the home environment – a more natural setting. 
  • You are helping the shelter and ultimately, other pets!   The more pets that can be rehomed outside the shelter, allows us to use our limited shelter space and resources to take in pets that have no other options. 


Should I rehome with Home To Home?

Choosing to rehome a pet is a hard and serious decision.  Please visit our Surrender Prevention page for resources that may help you keep your pet.  If you feel rehoming is still your only option and you wish to use Home To Home, you can get started by visiting


How do I make sure I choose the right home for my pet?

For tips, tricks, and other frequently asked questions, visit Home To Home’s Frequently Asked Question’s page.