A Foster Story: Kino Comes to HSHA to find Foster Family and Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm disease in dogs is very serious. It can cause damage to the heart, lungs and arteries and can even result in death.

Kino is one of the unlucky ones. He was diagnosed with heartworm disease at the young age of 2. Unfortunately, his family could not afford the treatment and surrendered him to the SPCA of Luzerne County located in Wilkes-Barre.

A beautiful red cattle dog mix, Kino has a smile that melts the heart of everyone he meets. A true sweetheart, he loves collecting toys to place on his bed, but doesn’t mind sharing them with his friends. He is a good natured dog who caught a bad break.

Luzerne wanted to get as much exposure for Kino as possible, in order to get him a foster home quickly so he could begin treatment. When a dog starts heartworm treatment, they must be in a calm, quiet environment – if they become overly excited, it can result in complications from the decomposing parasite entering the bloodstream.

The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area drove to Luzerne and brought back several dogs, including Kino, to help use our resources to get Kino the best foster home as quickly as possible.

HSHA’s Med Team immediately evaluated Kino to ensure the heartworm hadn’t caused too much damage. Kino had a very strong heart beat and was ready to fight!

HSHA began looking for the perfect foster parent for Kino. During the search, something very special happened. A woman came forward and offered to pay for Kino’s entire heartworm treatment – a generous $1,500 donation!

Kino’s story was posted on HSHA’s social media page and his story touched a woman named Anne, who came forward and offered to foster Kino for the length of his treatment – which would be at least six months. Anne turned out to be the perfect fit for Kino, able to offer a quiet home so he can get the rest and love he needs during his treatment.

His foster mom reports that he continues to do well with treatment. Anne works from home so the arrangement is perfect; she can keep an eye on him for any medical concerns round the clock. They have already started to form a close bond and enjoy keeping each other company. Kino still has a long road ahead to a full recovery, but with ongoing care of our medical team, support from generous donors, and love from his foster family we are hopeful for the day he is heartworm free and ready to find his furever home!


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