Testimonial: Max Gets Happy and Healthy with Help from the Veterinary Resource Center!

From Tracy: 

We moved to the Harrisburg Area at the end of January from Allentown, PA.  Our dog Max has suffered from allergies for months, and when we moved here his allergies got bad again.

So I made his first appointment with the Humane Society’s Veterinary Resource Center for his allergies and for some dental issues and a cyst he needed drained, which I was told about at my previous vet before moving.  The staff where so friendly and the appointment didn’t take long at all. When the Vet brought Max out to me she explained everything to me about his treatment and answered all of my questions.

The second time I took Max to the Veterinary Resource Center it was for a dental cleaning and to surgically remove his cyst. I also asked to treat him for separation anxiety. Once again everyone was great. They cleaned his teeth and extracted eight of them plus removed the cyst. As with any mother, I was worried about him even after picking him up. I emailed Shania at least ten times if not more. She was very professional and answered all my questions, and when she didn’t know the answer she sent my email to Noelle the Veterinarian and she answered all my questions.

I am so happy I found this place. I have never had such great customer service. They truly do care about the animal’s and the prices can’t be beat. Max is doing great. I just took him again yesterday and his mouth is healed up great and the area where the cyst was looks good but has some dry skin so I have to keep my eye on it.

He hasn’t been on the medication for the separation anxiety long enough yet so Noelle wants me to email her in two weeks to follow up. His allergies are under control. He is no longer scratching himself like crazy anymore. I would highly recommend the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area and the Veterinary Resource Center to everyone. Thank you to everyone that works there for everything that you do.

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