Millie Becomes the “Perfect Dog” 

Millie arrived at the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area (HSHA) in October of 2021.  She was freezing cold and terrified.  Truly skin and bone, Millie only weighed 18 pounds.  She was found as a stray in the City of Harrisburg, and no one was looking for her.

It was determined that Millie was around 6 months old at the time she was brought to HSHA.  Millie entered the HSHA foster program and began a strict re-feed program to help her gain weight back at a healthy pace.  She also began learning how to trust, and how to love, thanks to her foster family.

By December, she reached 40 pounds and was healthy enough to undergo spay surgery.  When it came time to determine if she was ready to find her forever home, her foster mom, Kristi Kleinfelter, had no doubt it was time.

“She is so much more confident, learning commands, is 99% potty trained, crate trained, loves other dogs,” said Kleinfelter.  “She is gentle enough to live with kids of any age.  She snuggles on the couch, is a gem in the car, and loves to be with her people.”

“She is the perfect dog.”

It took less than two weeks after being made available for adoption that Millie found her forever home – just in time for Christmas!   Today, she is happy, healthy and loving her new family!  Her adopter says:

“Millie is smart and quick to learn. Training has been a dream and we haven’t been struggling with much outside of puppy energy. You gave her such a good start! Clara (sometimes) begrudgingly likes having Millie around and they have been enjoying tons of wrestling. Clara has been helping Millie gain confidence on walks and meeting new people, and Millie has brought out energy in Clara we didn’t know she still had! We are excited for warmer weather to introduce Millie to swimming, sun-bathing, and new adventures. Thank you so much for all you did for her and for what you and the HSHA do for all the lost little critters!”

See Millie’s transformation below!