Foster to Adopt


The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area Foster-to-Adopt program features adoptable dogs that are some of the shelter’s longest residents.  If you are interested in adoption, consider one of these featured dogs.  With the Foster-to-Adopt program, you get to learn if a dog is a good fit for you and your family prior to committing to adoption!

You will get to take the dog home for 4-6 weeks.  During this time, you receive all the great benefits of our standard foster program such as needed food and medical care for your dog at no cost to you.  In addition, 4-6 weeks is enough time for you to see if the dog is a good fit for you and you will really get to see the true personality of the dog shine!

To enter our Foster-to-Adopt program, fill out an adoption application for any of the dogs below.

Karl Weaver
Adult / Male
Affectionate, Independent, Loyal, Funny, Athletic

Adult / Female
Playful, Athletic

Adult / Male
Friendly, Playful, Curious, Athletic, Funny

Teddy Atlas
Adult / Male
Playful, Protective, Brave, Independent, Funny, Quiet, Couch Potato

Adult / Male
Playful, Curious, Independent, Athletic

Adult / Male
Smart, Affectionate



Adult / Male
Playful, Protective, Independent, Funny, Athletic


Adult / Female
Friendly, Smart

Adult / Male
Affectionate, Smart

Adult / Male
Affectionate, Playful



Adult / Male
Playful, Smart

Mutley Moo
Adult / Male
Playful, Funny


Adult / Male
Playful, Loyal, Funny, Athletic


Due to bad weather, the Shelter Buddies Fall Yard Sale schedule for Saturday, October 1st has been canceled.