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Looking for something to do this summer?  Want to give back to your community?  If you have not reached the age of 18 years and/or are not able to volunteer weekly and year-round because of school, activities, jobs, etc. but want to help the homeless animals from our area, please consider doing one or more of the following:

  1. Plan, organize, and conduct a donation drive for specific items on our Wish List. The items we almost always need are paper towels, non-scoopable kitty litter, used linens (towels, blankets, sheets, etc.), unscented bleach, and gift cards for gasoline or pet or office supplies. By creating posters or flyers and advertising such a drive, arranging dates, times, and locations for the collection of selected items, and delivering the donations to our shelter, the student would be performing a much-needed service that would greatly benefit our resident animals.
  2. As another component of the project, the individual might write a ‘how-to’ guide that others could use for similar projects in the future.  If this work is to fulfill a school or group/activity requirement and HSHA staff verification of the completion of such a project is needed, the individual would be responsible for contacting our Volunteer Coordinator at nancyv@humanesocietyhbg.org and provide her with all paperwork required in advance.
  3. Another suggestion is to conduct a cash donation drive, following the same procedures above. The individual could designate that the cash be used as Guardian Angel funds for the animal(s) of his/her choice or as a general donation to our shelter.

Please check the United Way of the Capital Region’s website (www.uwcr.org) or your school for information about other opportunities available in our area.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Pets | Contributed by: Emma Naylor

Pets are a great addition to any household, and they bring tangible benefits to their owner, too – not only are they loyal and loving, but they encourage exercise, help develop social skills, and bring families together. The benefits of adopting a pet go beyond how adorable and playful they are; in fact, one of their biggest advantages often goes unnoticed. Pets, especially cats and dogs, have therapeutic benefits that reinforce just how special they are both to society and their individual owners. Read the entire article for more information.

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Special thanks to the staff at McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC. The company’s 3rd Quarter Charitable Project was the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area's (HSHA). A group of 15 staff members came to the shelter on July 9th to help prepare for the Annual Christmas in July event. The staff cleaned, mowed, pulled weeds, completed administrative tasks, washed dishes, and organized donations. In addition, they hosted a special jeans day at their office and raised $485.00. So, thanks again to all the staff at McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC for their unconditional support of HSHA.

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How Can I Help Homeless Animals in My Community Today?

We are currently in need of paper towelsnon-clumping kitty litter, non-scented clorox bleach, sturdy dog toys, dry kitten chow food and cat toys. If you'd like to help out, please drop some off at the shelter!

We have several dogs and cats that are looking for a foster home.  If you think you may be able to help, please visit our Fosters Needed page.


American Red Cross Blood Drive - July 14
Shelter Buddies Basket Bingo - October 4
Pittie Party - October 24
Fur Ball Gala & Auction - November 14

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