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The next SAFER Training will be on June 16, 2019.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 11:00AM-7:00PM 

Wednesday – 10:00 AM - 3:00PM (Closed to Public)

Saturday – 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Sunday – 10:00AM - 3:00PM (Closed to Public)

**Holiday volunteer hours vary. Please pay attention to Volunteers' Matters for announcements.**

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Current Team Leaders:

Interested in supporting the shelter animals by washing dishes or stuffing Kongs? Contact our Team Leader responsible for these volunteer activities Karen Spidle and for more information.

Are able to volunteer your time doing laundry? We have a team for that! Please contact our Laundry Team Leader, Cathy Hartwick to find out how to get involved and minimize the mounds of laundry needing done!

Are you creative or passionate about the arts and looking for a way to unleash your artistic license? Consider joining the Petfinder team where you can photograph HSHA's adoptable animals or use your creative writing skills to create personality profiles for each shelter resident. For more information, contact HSHA's Adoption Center Team Leader Kristi Kleinfelter.

Our Book Buddies Program is one of the greatest ways we can provide the opportunity for young children to get involved with the organization. We are always looking for more volunteers able to assist with Book Buddies requests. If you are interested in learning how you can put a smile on a child's face and provide socialization for our cat population, contact Kristi Kleinfelter.

Stay tuned for more changes to the current volunteer page!

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July 27 | Christmas in July Adopt-A-Thon

October 19 | Pittie Party

November 9 | Fur Ball Gala & Auction

December 7 | Holiday Adopt-A-Thon

Pet of the Week

Benaiah (Rooney)

Handsome, handsome, handsome. That's all anyone says about me. I'm Benaiah, named after a character in the bible who bravely killed a lion. But everyone here just calls me Benny! I was born in 2017 and was first at the shelter in the spring of 2018. My ears had just been (badly) cropped and they needed care, then my rear leg was severely injured and my owners neglected to get treatment soon enough. My friends at the shelter took me back in July 2018, but it was too late for my leg -- it had to be amputated. So I became a tripod dog! Of course it did not slow me down one bit. I was adopted in March of 2019 after HSHA won ownership of me in the cruelty case against my neglectful owner. I got a new name, Rooney...but I was returned in August 2019. My first two years of life have been difficult, and I'm really in need of a stable, permanent home. I'm very much a dog who lives in the present, and no tough past is going to hang on my shoulders. I'm looking for a special family who can give me the life I deserve after spending so many months recuperating in the shelter, only to be adopted and returned. I love to play fetch and I've even learned the command "drop it," which I'm very proud of, I know "sit" too, and I love to get rewarded with treats and affection. I've very strong, so no kids under 12 in my new home, please.


Hold me! I'm Chantey, a small black cat who was a stray. I love to be held, and if you could walk me over to a window and let me watch the birds, that would be perfect. I'm slightly fearful and still trying to figure everything out. My life on the streets may have been tough, and I'm not sure who to trust yet. However, I'm trying hard. I know black cats gets overlooked, so I'm hoping my huge golden eyes will make people stop and say "Wow, I need to adopt that black cat!"

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