Job Openings

Part-Time Animal Caretaker

Through both team work and individual performance, the Animal Caretaker provides the necessary care of all of the animals that reside at the Humane Society. The Animal Caretaker will complete assignments with efficiency, timeliness and thoroughness, as well as report all medical and behavioral issues to the appropriate departments to ensure the animals receive the best care possible.


  • Feed the animals in accordance with the individual needs of each animal.
  • Provide clean, sanitary and comfortable living environment to each animal through daily cleaning and follow up cleaning, depending on the needs of the individual animal.
  • Report any observed medical problems through the use of designated forms.
  •  Report any behavioral problems through the use of designated forms.
  • Perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy. Organize and follow up.
  • Report to work during assigned shifts. Be aware of the posted schedule, checking weekly for possible changes.
  • Control the animals that are being handled, ensuring that no animal or person is injured. Depending on the assigned method of handling, walking dogs of various sizes and activity levels, lifting cats of varying sizes and personalities and meet the physical needs of potentially geriatric animals through proper handling.
  • Complete any miscellaneous task assigned by your supervisor. Adhere to instruction given, or if unable to do so, seek out guidance from your supervisor.
  • Reasonably address any issue observed that may compromise the wellbeing of any animal or employee.
  •  Adhere to all policies posted in the HSHA Employee Handbook. Follow through with all procedures outlined during training.
  • At all times, be an upstanding example of animal care and compassion, both while at work and during personal time. Report any cruelty observed to the proper authorities, either the HSHA Cruelty Department or the appropriate officials of the jurisdiction in question.


  • Ability to read and write.
  • Ability to maintain an independent work pace.
  • Ability to follow basic instructions.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others.
  • Ability to handle the average cat and the average dog, including all breeds of either species.
  • Ability to use all of the supplies necessary to care for the animals, including but not limited to bleach and litter.
  • Ability to tolerate a work environment that may consist of wet floors, humidity, hair, dust, dander, very loud sounds, unpleasant smells, any type of bodily discharge or excrement and any other environmental factors caused by the presence of a large amount of animals and the associated care.
  • Transportation to arrive to work on time.
  • Stand, walk, crouch repeatedly, lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
  •   Be on your feet at least 90% of a work day.
  • Ability to work any overtime required to provide the basic care of the animals residing at the Humane Society.

Full-Time or Part-Time Veterinary Technician

HSHA is in need of a highly motivated, skilled and enthusiastic Veterinary Technician to join their committed team! 

Veterinary Technicians assist the Veterinarian in all aspects of veterinary care including:

  • Examinations and surgical procedures
  • Provide patient restraint during procedures and examinations
  • Assist the Veterinarian with routine patient appointments and surgical procedures
  • Administer anesthesia including induction, intubation, maintenance and recovery
  • Administer medication to animal residents
  • Collaborate with Veterinarians to develop directions for Veterinary Assistants
  • Ensure all surgical equipment is properly sterilized and stored
  • Prepare surgery rooms and stock supplies
  • Prepare appointment rooms prior to scheduled patient visits
  • Update patient files
  • Educate clients about prescribed dosage and directions


  • Three years of experience as a veterinary assistant, one year as a veterinary technician, or combination of equivalent experience and education
  • CVT or LVT Required
  • Experience working in an animal shelter preferred
  • Drivers license required
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and computer skills
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Applicants should be able to both take direction with attention to detail, and be self-motivated to take on any necessary tasks to completion

Rotating shifts Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and 10:30am to 7:00pm. Rotating weekends from8am to 4pm required. 

Full-Time or Part-Time Veterinary Assistant

The Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area is in need of highly motivated, skilled, and enthusiastic Veterinary Assistants to join our Med Team!


Veterinary Assistants assist the Veterinarian in all aspects of veterinary care including:

  • Provide assistance to Veterinary Technicians and Veterinarians
  • Greet patients and their owners as they arrive and show them to an examining room
  • Take pet's weight and other vital signs upon arrival
  • Provide patient restraint during procedures and examinations
  • Administer medication to animal residents
  • Provide assistance during surgery
  • Clean and maintain the surgical room in preparation for procedures
  • Prepare instruments and medications as directed by veterinary personnel
  • Calm and soothe anxious patients
  • Educate clients about prescribed dosage and directions
  • Veterinary technicians also communicate with pet owners and update patient files.


  • Prior experience as a veterinary assistant required
  • Formal training in a certified veterinary assistant program preferred
  • Experience working in an animal shelter preferred
  • Drivers license required
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and computer skills
  • Applicants should be able to both take direction with attention to detail, and be self-motivated to take on any necessary tasks to completion

Rotating shifts Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and 10:30am to 7:00pm. Rotating weekends from 8am to 4pm required.


HSHA is hiring full or part-time Veterinarians to join our dedicated team! We are a progressive animal shelter offering competitive compensation, flexible scheduling, and opportunities to expand your Veterinary experience.  Our highly qualified and dedicated staff are devoted to improving the quality of life of our shelter residents and all pets of the Harrisburg Area. If you are looking for a fulfilling opportunity to make a difference in your community while continuing to practice the Veterinary work you love, then read on and consider becoming a part of the growing HSHA family!

HSHA has a strong foundation in the local community, providing a variety of services including low-cost spay/neuter clinics, low cost vaccine clinics, examinations, and affordable medication. We have recently added 4,000 square feet to our facility for the expansion of our medical operations to include additional surgeries, x-rays, and other advanced veterinary services affordable to low income pet owners. Our objective is to provide necessary veterinary services to all animals in our community regardless of income.

Part-Time or Full-Time Clinic Veterinarian

HSHA needs a licensed veterinarian to assist at our low-cost vaccine clinics. Location of the clinics change seasonally. Position is challenging, fast-paced, but never boring. Dedication to herd-health and disease control is a must. Qualified candidates must be a graduate of accredited school of veterinary medicine and currently licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. Interpersonal communication skills essential as qualified veterinarian will be working closely with other staff, volunteers, and community members. This is position could accommodate part-time or full-time hours based on applicant's request.

To be a considered applicant for any of these positions, please submit your resume and the following two forms to

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October 19 | Pittie Party

November 9 | Fur Ball Gala & Auction

December 7 | Holiday Adopt-A-Thon

Pet of the Week


My Petfinder Profile:

Note:  Cupcake is HSHA’s longest resident.  Her adoption fee will be reduced by 50% at our Pittie Party on Saturday, October 19th (11am-3pm at HSHA).  She is currently located at Zoomania at Colonial Park Mall.

Sweet cinnamon and brown sugar cupcake with butterscotch frosting and chocolate sprinkles?   That's me, a tasty treat of a dog! As you can see, I'm a gorgeous golden brindle girl with unique eyes. In some light they are a pale robin's egg blue, and in other light they are a cool yellow. I'm probably around two years old and I never stop moving! Think of me as a high-energy puppy who is ready for training and exercise. I love to get out and do things, but I'll need some work on my leash manners. I love to play with other dogs, and the right canine pal will help me burn some energy. I do not like cats and cannot live with them. I would do best with kids over 12 and plenty of plushy soft toys to play with.


Mystery Man

My Petfinder Profile:

Note: I am FIV positive, but totally healthy. You can ask the staff about FIV.

There's a cat who lives a life of danger, Everyone he meets, he stays a stranger, With every move he makes, Another chance he takes, Odds are he wont't live to see tomorrow...Secret Agent Cat, Secret Agent Cat, They've given you a number (A419), and taken away your name. That was me, Mystery Man, before someone brought me here to save me from my dangerous life of espionage in their neighborhood. I was starving and smelled food outside at their house, so I followed the clues and found a yummy dinner! The family that lived there fed me every day, since I was very thin and always hungry. It was like being at the Catsino Royale! They did not know my identity, so everyone called me Mystery. One night while on a special mission, I caught my foot on something sharp and sustained a terrible wound on my back paw. Unable to run from my nemesis, Dr. Claw, my cover was blown and I had to give up my life as a super sleuth. There were also several other spy cats in the area who didn't like me treading their turf. So now I am here, hoping to find a new family because I LOVE people and feel very lonely. I'm Tom Cruise handsome, very affectionate, and bond strongly with the humans I meet. I can be boisterous and meow loudly to get attention and head scratches. I like to play with wand toys, but I enjoy sniffing around the playroom, looking for clues as to how I can escape! I adapt well to new situations and roll with the punches, but I have trouble living in a cage, since I was used to wandering on my own for a while. I get along with other cats and am super friendly and outgoing. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come to HSHA right away and meet me. I would really like a loving family and a home where I can explore and continue my quest to save the world from mischief and mayhem! I hope finding a home won't be "Mission Impossible" for me! Please come in to meet the coolest spy cat ever! I'll be a fun, loyal, loving companion...there's no mystery about that!

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